Digiday: How Shutterfly is trying to reach younger shoppers


Shutterfly CMO Craig Rowley outlined the company’s strategy to appeal to younger demographics through expanded offerings, according to an article in Digiday. The leading photo service company has been ramping up its social media, streaming, and online video efforts.

Craig Rowley, SVP and CMO, Shutterfly

“People are consuming media differently,” Rowley said to reporter Kimeko McCoy. “They’re showing up in different environments and we want to be in the places where they’re going to be.”

The shifted media mix launched alongside Shutterfly’s “Make it a Thing” campaign last October, created in partnership with branding and marketing agency Mischief features 30-second spots portraying potential Shutterfly gifts. He also told Digiday Shutterfly also boosted its social media advertising spend, especially on TikTok and Snapchat.

Rowley said Shutterfly’s ad spend is up year-over-year. In the first half of 2021, Kantar reports Shutterfly spent more than $47 million on media. Throughout 2020, the company spent about $26 million on media, slightly down from the $34 million spent total in 2019.  Those numbers do not include social media as Kantar does not track those figures.

Moving further into 2022, Shutterfly will continue to invest in the current brand campaign, including the new direction with expanded social media efforts, online video, and streaming.

“In these digital environments, there are many use cases of things that people didn’t even know they could make on Shutterfly,” Rowley said. “[It’s about] being able to express that down into detail, and actually targeting those against relevant audiences as well.”