Hartman: The most impactful potential improvement to photo print products is…

Researcher and Visual 1st conference co-chair Hans Hartman published findings from his recent  2020 Photo Print Product Survey showing consumers are more activated to print by speed than any other factor, including discovery and seeing printed samples.

The 2020 Photo Print Product Survey surveyed respondents whose households had ordered photo print products in the last 12 months (“would they order more photo print products if any of these discovery of fulfillment improvements were to be put in place?”), as well as to respondents who had experience ordering photo products in the past but hadn’t placed any orders in the last 12 months (“would they consider ordering photo products again if…?”). Finally, Hartman also asked kiosk users why they used kiosks over other photo printing ordering methods.

The Suite 48 Analytics 2020 Photo Print Product Survey has 64 pages and includes 25 tables and 30 charts.

It has the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Executive summary
  • Recommendations
  • Photo product ordering history
  • Scenarios to trigger not recent buyers to order photo products
  • Photo product ordering behavior recent buyers
  • Devices for ordering photo print products
  • Scenarios to trigger recent buyers to buy more photo products
  • Addendum A. Segmentation Analysis
  • Addendum B. Verbatim comments to “other” answers
  • Addendum C. Age, Gender and Household