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Imaging Solutions AG to host first open house

Regensdorf, Zürich – 04.02.2019. For the first time in 16 years, Imaging Solutions will open their doors to host the world’s experts in the graphics and photo industry. The open house will be taking place at their headquarters in Regensdorf (10 km away from Zürich airport) in conjunction with the Hunkeler Innovation days 2019. From 25.02 – 01.03.2019, visitors will be able to learn from the market leaders about the new technologies and innovations available.

During these five days, the most influential companies in the market will gather together to make a step forward in lowering their production times, costs and refining their finished product palette.

The Open House Event guests will experience:

  • Live product demonstrations
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Symposiums with highly qualified keynote speakers
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exciting new product releases

If you are visiting Hunkeler Innovation days 2019, this is a great opportunity to attend the Open House Event without additional costs. For more information visit the landing page and to sign-up click here.

About Imaging Solutions AG

Imaging Solutions has made a name for itself as the manufacturer of automation equipment for building layflat books and personalized canvas prints. Imaging Solutions is best known for the fastBlock machines that it supplies for building premium layflat books to photo labs like Cewe, Shutterfly, allcop, Fujifilm, Mpix, and most other high-volume photo book fulfillment companies.


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