Mastering Volume Photography conference coming up June 17-19

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ImageQuix is offering its 16th annual Mastering Volume Photography (MVP) conference, June 17-19, at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV. Among the educational highlights is keynote speaker Redmond Ramos, who will speak on overcoming obstacles. Ramos is a veteran who served in Afghanistan and, after an IED explosion caused him to lose his legs, he went on to become an athlete and speaker.

Other sessions include:

The Power of Good Leadership: Michelle Mei – Ready to dive deep into your leadership style and client connections? Explore practical leadership approaches that bring your team together and deliver real results. In this interactive session, Michelle will share tips for building genuine relationships and trust with those around you. Plus, get inspired by real stories of leaders who’ve made a lasting impact. Start leading confidently and make a difference.

Blueprint: The Future of High Volume – We’ve got some exciting developments on the horizon we want to share. Join us for an informative panel hosted by Tim McCain, Chris Marks, and more. If you’re interested in what’s coming down the pipeline, make sure you catch this. It’s not one to be missed.

We Take Your Data Security Seriously – Data security is paramount in an increasingly online world. In this session, ImageQuix’s Chris Marks will reveal new security procedures and the actions needed to prevent breaches. Digging into S0C2 state, federal, and district leave regulations, he’ll leave no stone unturned.

Streamline with Add-ons – What’s the secret to building a powerful workflow? It’s correctly integrating add-ons. In this session, ImageQuix’s Coty Feith discusses the great add-ons Blueprint has to offer. Covering Plic elements, CRM, Plic go, Skylab, and more, this is the complete picture for building a workflow that grows your studio.

MVP tickets are $149. If attendees book before May 17th, they can stay in the Golden Nugget Hotel for $50 a night. There is a combo deal where attendees can purchase MVP tickets + three nights’ accommodation for only $300.