Mixbook adds AI-tools, photo organization to app

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Mixbook studio

Mixbook has updated its Mixbook Studio suite of creative storytelling tools to improve photo organization and AI-powered storytelling. The latest Mixbook app and updates are currently available on the Apple App Store and at www.mixbook.com. The caption generator will be available before the holidays.

The company says the new upgrades focus on improving three key areas of story creation:

  1. Initial photo organization and suggested themes in the iOS app
  2. a suite of new design tools, layouts, and
  3. AI-powered recommendations in Mixbook Studio.

“Today, we’re at the crossroads of two major trends: the AI revolution and a post-pandemic desire to connect more deeply with the people we love. Our customers make photo books to share and preserve memories, but that process wasn’t easy before today. Mixbook Studio harnesses breakthroughs in Generative AI that make personal storytelling with photos more intuitive and achievable,” said Andrew Laffoon, CEO at Mixbook. “We’re harnessing AI for good, empowering creativity, and inspiring people to use these amazing new tools to reawaken the joy of photo product creation and tell their authentic stories.”

To save time, Mixbook now offers the ability to test drive user photos on the mobile web with hundreds of different themes with a click of a button. Plus, users can change themes at any point in the design process without losing previous design decisions.

Mixbook’s new AI-based feature includes a caption generator–rolling out in Q4 2023–which analyzes individual and clustered photos to automatically suggest written captions to accompany the story. By employing the power of generative AI, Mixbook is able to better understand photo context, and summarize that context, helping provide the right words to support storytelling. As an example, if a user chooses a wedding theme to create a baby photo book, the caption generator is still able to generate relevant words and phrases relating to infants because it is analyzing the individual photos to produce the most tailored captions.

The latest app update incorporates the full potential of Mixbook Studio and its AI-design features to supercharge performance. Further, the refresh builds on the popular “Memories” feature, which instantly organizes camera rolls into photo stories, enabling users to start a photo book in seconds with just a few taps. New app enhancements streamline the process of uploading, designing and creating Mixbook photo products, through an intuitive user experience, the company said.

“With Mixbook’s next generation storytelling technology and Studio creation experience, we transformed a lengthy photo book process into something fun and effortless. We merged the power of Generative AI with a joyfully simple creation experience that brings memories to life,” said David Newhoff, chief product officer at Mixbook. “With these innovations, we’re making it easy to create on mobile. And, we’re just getting started. These are our first steps on a journey to establish Mixbook as the leading photo storytelling platform, making it easier than ever to tell your unique story with a fully personalized creation experience.”