Mobile Photo Perspectives: Going Deep – the race for depth imaging smartphones is on

Hans Hartman at Suite 48a offers an interesting perspective on the potential for depth imaging in his weekly Mobile Photo Perspectives newsletter. Here’s an excerpt:

Our smartphones will soon be depth imaging devices, featuring cameras that measure depth information for each part of the image.  Lenovo already came out with the Google Tango-based Phab 2 phone last year and with the upcoming release of the iPhone 8 we’ll finally find out why Apple paid $350M to acquire the Israeli company PrimeSense back in 2013 (PrimeSense originally provided the technology behind the Microsoft Kinect game accessory).

The market for depth imaging and sensing devices is booming, according to the recently released Smartphone Depth Sensing report from Woodside Capital Partners and Yole Développement. With a CAGR of 37.7% over the next five years, the depth imaging market is expected to reach $9B by 2022.

Last week I spoke with the primary author of this report Rudy Burger, Managing Partner & Managing Director of Woodside and alumnus speaker at Mobile Photo Connect, to hear his perspectives on the depth imaging market.

Read the remainder here.