Mobile Photo Perspectives: Reality Check: Taking, Keeping, Storing Smartphone Photos

Mobile Photo Perspectives – Reality check: taking, keeping, storing smartphone photos

Only three months to go until our fifth edition of Mobile Photo Connect, so it’s the perfect time for a reality check! Not a week goes by without some industry observer, tech writer or photo vendor uttering the phrase “more than ever before” in relation to how/when/why/where consumers take, store or share photos with their smartphones. But are smartphone photos really still as “hot” as we keep hearing? Or is this an instance of groupthink?

In November 2015, we conducted our The photos at your fingertips study, which included an extensive survey about how consumers were taking, storing and managing their photos, as well as what types of solutions they wanted to see in the future. But that was 1.5 years ago – and a lot has changed in the meantime.

As monetizing photos (including through photo/video storage products and services) is going to be an important topic this year at Mobile Photo Connect, I wanted to do a reality check on today’s consumers’ mobile photo taking, storing, and organizing attitudes by conducting a mini-survey around these topics. In this issue I report on the photo taking, keeping and storing findings; in the next issue I’ll cover the use of photo storage solutions, including such questions as in-home device vs. cloud storage, and backup vs. archiving solution needs.

We conducted the survey among 458 North American smartphone photographers (anyone over 18 who at least takes 1 photo a month), and normalized the findings for age, gender and smartphone ownership. The maximum margin of error is + or – 4.6%, based on a 95% confidence level.

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