Oregon photographer Shaun McGrath offering AR previews of wall art

Shaun McGrath announces the Augmented Reality feature on his website is now available. The AR feature helps the website visitors preview the images on their wall using their mobile phone.

Eugene, Oregon – Award winning photographer, Shaun McGrath is very pleased to announce the exciting Augmented Reality feature on his website. Visitors can now preview different images of Oregon and California using the AR app on their mobile phone.

Go to www.photosbyshaun.com to see how it works.

AR is a great tool to have for people who want to upgrade their wall decor for their office or home. With AR they can easily preview dozens of art pieces in just a few clicks. It makes it much more convenient, easier and quicker to decide which piece looks best on a particular wall.

AR solves the fundamental problem that many interior decorators or homeowners are facing when searching for the perfect piece to go with the home-style, design and color. No more mysteries. Does it work with the wall color? The furniture? The other art pieces nearby? How about the size?

There are also six other ways to preview the photographs on his website such as Live 3D Media Preview Options, Exploded Media Options, Live Framing Previews, The Wall Preview Tool, Multi-Panel Arts With Wall Previews and Offer Prints and Original Side-by-Side.

About Shaun McGrath:

Inspired by the places he lives—California, and now Oregon—Shaun employs photography on a personal level, not always having an idea of what he is after, He enjoys taking long drives down roads less traveled with a mind open to possibilities, seeking the unknown and hoping to encounter that moment in time that may never be seen again. He prefers to stumble across scenes that naturally move him and is often drawn to nostalgia.

With more than half a dozen photos published by National Geographic, Shaun’s work has also been showcased in art shows and state fair competitions where they have garnered many ribbons. His photos resonate with local life and display a personality all their own.