Perfect Corp. adds selfie generator to YouCam Perfect App

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Perfect Corp., the artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, announced the launch of a AI Selfie generator for its photo-editing YouCam Perfect App for iOS. Leveraging the power of generative AI technology, “AI Selfie” empowers users to transform portrait photos into works of art, offering a selection of 20 distinct artistic styles ranging from Watercolor, Graffiti, Anime, Manga to Pop Art, and even Van Gogh’s iconic brushwork.

As Generative AI technology becomes an integral tool for photo editing and beauty inspiration, these features will allow app users to unlock new possibilities for creative expression, the company said.

“As a leader in photo editing and beauty enhancement apps, we are dedicated to empowering app users with the freedom of self-expression through the use of generative AI technology,” said Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “After introducing ‘AI Avatar’, which allows app users to create their digital twin, and ‘AI Fashion’ which empowers fashionistas to try on limitless outfits, ‘AI Selfie’ is a testament to our dedication to providing users with an unparalleled photo editing experience.”