Printful adopts Coloreel

Printful is one of the first print-on-demand companies to introduce the new Instant Thread Coloring Unit (ITCU) by Coloreel, a Swedish textile innovation brand. Printful can now give business owners an extra advantage by offering the latest cutting-edge embroidery technology to their customers.
Embroidery has always had a limited color offering because a single machine can only house a small number of threads, and each thread has its fixed color. For example, the red thread is only one kind of red, without brighter or darker color variations. This has made embroidery unfit for most designs that have a wide range of colors and gradients, which limits creativity.
“Printful’s new unlimited color embroidery technique offers customers new opportunities to experiment and turn their creative ideas into products,” says Elina Kruze, Head of New Product Development & Merchandising at Printful. “At Printful we put a heavy emphasis on innovation as we strive to provide the best solutions and services for our customers. I believe that this new feature will be an industry game changer and will empower store owners to sell intricately embroidered products or logos that perfectly match their branding.”
“Through the new and unique possibilities in design and efficient on-demand production of embroidery, Coloreel offers Printful customers additional business and value creation opportunities,” comments Torbjorn Back, CEO of Coloreel. This makes it possible for retailers to elevate their brands and grow their business like never before.”
At the moment, unlimited color embroidery is still in the beta testing phase, so it is only available for a small number of Printful customers. However, the company plans to complete testing and gradually implement this technology across its fulfillment centers in the coming months.