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Rylo adds 180° mode, Bluetooth remote capture, and motion blur

An updated version of the Rylo app for iPhone and Android is available now

Rylo, the 360-degree camera company, made the following announcements:

180° Recording Mode

Record in 180º mode for higher video resolution from Rylo’s front lens. Perfect for any activity in which one lens is blocked or Rylo is chest-mounted (e.g. mountain biking).

Bluetooth Remote Capture & Photo Timer

Bluetooth Remote Capture lets you start/stop a recording, capture a photo, and change the camera mode wirelessly right from the Rylo app. Now it’s easy to put yourself in the action when Rylo’s out of reach or you’re away from the camera.

Additionally, with the new Photo Timer (located in the Rylo app camera menu) you can delay capture by up to ten seconds. This helps you capture a completely unobscured 360° photo by keeping your hand out of the shot.

Motion Blur

Add a cinematic effect to your timelapse videos with Motion Blur. Select ‘Speed’ in the video edit menu and tap ‘Blur’ to add Motion Blur to timelapse videos.


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