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Statista: iPhones interest is waning Market research Opinion 

Statista: iPhones interest is waning

Apple has scheduled an iPhone event for Sept. 12. But do consumers really care anymore? According to Statista, Apple is rumored to release three new iPhones this year, based on iPhone X design, as well as new Apple Watches. Writer Felix Richter notes, however, Apple’s new product announcements seem to be losing their luster:

“While Apple’s iPhone announcements are still preceded by months of rumors, alleged leaks and endless speculation, Google Trends data suggests that the events themselves no longer create as much buzz as they used to. Looking at global search interest for the term “iPhone” shows that last year’s announcement of the iPhone X, for example, sparked 30 percent fewer Google searches than the presentation of the iPhone 5 did in 2012.”

Source: • Chart: New iPhones Don’t Create as Much Buzz as They Used To | Statista


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