The Impact of Generative AI on the Imaging Industry with Hans Hartman, Visual1st

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Want to unravel the mysteries of Generative AI and its impact on the imaging industry? In this episode of the Dead Pixels Society podcast, Gary Pageau interviews expert, Hans Hartman, the chairman of Visual1st. Discover the transformative difference between Generative AI and traditional AI, and how AI can generate media from simple prompts.

Hartman also ventures into the complex arena of digital rights in AI-generated images and a hard look at the ethical dimensions surrounding AI-generated images and the legislative and industry efforts to counterbalance the possible negatives of this groundbreaking technology.

Hartman also offers a preview of the upcoming Visual1st Conference. Listen in as Hartman provides a brief overview of the program, including a dual keynote by him and Alexis Gerard, a pioneer in digital imaging, covering “Profiting from major technology transformation – How about AI?” He also describes fireside chat sessions featuring industry leaders such as John Fisher, head of engineering for Google Photos, Ilka Demir from Intel’s Trusted Media Group, and Tim McCain of PhotoLynx/ImageQuix. The conference promises to be a rich feast for anyone interested in the imaging industry.

The panels at the conference will delve into various topics including AI-generated images, image curation, stock photography, and innovation in the photo printing market. Attendees can look forward to ‘show-and-tell’ presentations, offering live demos of innovative products.

In conclusion, the exploration of Generative AI’s impact on the imaging industry and digital rights underscores the need for continuous innovation, regulation, and ethical considerations. As technology advances, the industry must adapt to ensure it serves its purpose effectively, ethically, and beneficially for all.