The iPhone X deep-dive – Why this phone will disrupt the mobile imaging ecosystem

The iPhone X deep-dive – Why this phone will disrupt the mobile imaging ecosystem

In a guest editorial by: Floris van Eck, Technology Strategist, Crack the Future, this week’s Mobile Photo Perspectives gives an in-depth view of the new iPhone X, and why it will disrupt mobile imaging.

Key takeaways:

  • Apple has launched the iPhone X as a showcase for the direction in which the mobile and imaging industries could be heading;
  • The iPhone X’s high price will limit its audience, but its features will trickle down in the coming years. At the same time, the developer ecosystem gets a head start on building new apps for consumers to create enticing content, which is often the bottleneck for the adoption of new technologies;
  • The 3D revolution is now in full-swing; many of the new iOS features (Clips, Animoji, Face ID, Portrait Mode, and Portrait Lighting) rely on 3D;
  • Depth-imaging is the key differentiator for Apple’s flagship smartphones: the 5.5″ iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, as well as the 5.8″ iPhone X, now all feature two rear-facing depth cameras; the X also has one front-facing depth camera;
  • Communication is about to become more human, allowing us to express ourselves through Animoji, emoji that mimic our full range of facial expressions;
  • Face Unlock (Face ID) debuts in the Apple ecosystem, showcasing impressive underlying 3D- and AI-based technologies;
  • The iPhone X will be the best device for mobile AR on the market, demonstrating what’s in store for the average consumer – this is the primary intent behind the release of this phone, as was the case with Google’s early adopter-focused Tango platform;
  • Indicative of the importance of the other announcements listed here, the news that the new iPhone supports optical image stabilization on both of its rear-cameras – normally one of the highlights in an Apple keynote – was now a mere footnote!

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