Zenfolio, Format giving away $1 million in free subscriptions

Zenfolio and Format, a website and business resource provider for photographers, artists, and creative professionals, are expanding a popular program giving away more than $1 million worth of subscriptions to support students and educators. Photography students and educators can get a free one-year subscription to the Zenfolio Portfolio plan here.

Zenfolio began the initiative in 2021 but now Zenfolio and Format are broadening the program to include fine arts, design and architecture students and educators.

“The best way to encourage a photography or creative arts student to become a professional, is to help them launch their career with pro-level resources,” said John Loughlin, Zenfolio CEO. “Last year, we offered  $1 million of subscriptions to one of our most popular service plans to help build the future of photography, and now we are pleased to extend the gift to students of fine arts, design, and architecture on the Format platform.”

Students and educators who take advantage of the offer from Zenfolio and Format will have access to resources to build their own professional-level website using the latest design templates. They will be able to launch custom portfolios, build projects or client galleries, and have access to tutorials and support. These services will give students a head start in their career and build a business foundation that can grow with them as their vocation grows. Creative arts, design and architecture students and educators can sign up for a one-year Format plan here.