ACDSee launches Photo Studio 9 for Mac organizing software

ACDSee has launched Photo Studio for Mac 9, providing a full-featured Digital Asset Management (DAM) and non-destructive editing tool. The new software provides photo editing,  file management, and with new updates and features, including:

  • Facial Detection and Recognition
  • Develop Presets provide an easy way to save and manage Develop mode presets, including over 50 new pre-installed presets.
  • History allows for a step-by-step display of image changes.
  • Info Palette and Histogram Pane in Manage mode help you keep an eye on the important metadata of photos.
  • Filter Keywords and Categories allow users to find and organize images quickly and easily with keyword and category filtering.

Photo Studio Mac 9 is available to purchase for US$89.99 through Nov. 23, 2022. The full price is $99.99. Interested photographers can download a free trial today from the ACDSee website.