Adobe changing up Creative Cloud syncing policy

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Adobe Inc. is changing its cloud storage syncing policy effective Feb. 1, 2024. Free and personal accounts will no longer be able to use Adobe Creative Cloud Syncing in February, while enterprise and teams business accounts have until Oct. 1, 2024.

Adobe Creative Cloud sync allows users to save files locally in a folder called “Creative Cloud Files”; then those files automatically would be copied to cloud storage for access on the Creative Cloud website and other devices.

This is the message sent to users:

Dear Creative Cloud User,

We want to let you know about an upcoming change to your personal Creative Cloud account. Adobe is modernizing the Creative Cloud storage experience and will begin discontinuing Creative Cloud Synced files on February 1, 2024.

How this may impact you:
• Files saved to Creative Cloud Files folder on your computer will no longer automatically sync with
• Files that are uploaded directly to or the Creative Cloud Mobile App will not be automatically copied to your computer.
Recommended actions:
• If you do not save assets to the Creative Cloud Synced files, no action is needed.
• Ensure your assets are properly backed up locally or to third-party cloud storage.
It is important to emphasize that there will be no change to Creative Cloud Documents functionality. You can still save files as Creative Cloud Documents via applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator; these files will remain in sync across devices.

Adobe Creative Cloud Team