affengeilebilder24 adds AI Art portal

Add allcop Farbbild-Service GmbH & Co. KG to the growing number of websites adding AI output offerings to its portfolio. The company’s street and pop art site is launching its new art collection “AI Art.”

In addition to self-generated works of art and motifs, the portal also includes the works of well-known AI artists such as Nilo or LofiAI.Art. The portal is in talks with other artists in order to offer this new art form the appropriate space in addition to the established art genres on the portal such as street art, pop art, surrealism and the like, the company said.

“We are proud to be one of the first providers on the market to have recognized the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the field of art and to be able to make them accessible to our customers,” says Andreas Schätzle, Managing Director of Affengeile Bilder GmbH.

Since the portal was taken over at the beginning of last year by allcop Farbbild-Service GmbH & Co. KG, the art platform has developed further in many areas, the company said. The shop has been redesigned, new product groups have been added, the artists are now presented in their own artist profiles, and numerous filters and search options for finding the ideal motif have been activated.

Earlier this year, Servi Pieters of Viesus/Imaging Solutions AG launched, a service for creating and printing AI portraits and art.