Amaze integrates with TikTok

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Amaze Software. Inc., the world’s leading creator commerce platform, and parent company of the AmazeSpring, and Outfts platforms, joins forces with TikTok to unveil an integration. This collaboration empowers creators to effortlessly sell their own custom products, boosting their earnings and transforming the landscape of digital entrepreneurship.

The Amaze and TikTok integration liberates creators, granting them the power to unlock their full income potential on TikTok Shop with unparalleled ease. Creators now have the ability to curate, showcase, and sell their own products, seamlessly transforming their devoted fan base into loyal customers. This integration empowers creators to monetize their TikTok videos, engage fans through livestreams, and create captivating shopping experiences, all while Amaze handles the logistics of payments, shipping, and inventory management.

“This integration is the latest in a long line of innovation, which we have been proud to bring to market through significant partnerships with the biggest social platforms on the planet,” says Aaron Day, CEO of Amaze Software. “With YouTube, Instagram, Twitch – and of course TikTok – we have introduced breakthrough integrations that are firsts for the sector, empowering creators to truly transform the way they monetize their talent. Amaze and TikTok share an ethos of investing in our creators; our collective goal is to unleash creator potential and make it easier for this powerful group to create, share, and earn.”