Behind the scenes at Photobox during peak season: This is Money

British financial site This is Money provided a behind the scenes look at Photobox during the holiday peak season. The writer, Grace Gausden, visited the 40,000-square-foot facility in the outskirts of Paris, operating at 100 percent capacity.

4.5 million parcels are shipped from this plant in the peak period.

Some of the tidbits gleaned from the article:

  • 18-21,000 photobooks are produced a day during peak season, with an additional 250 staff.
  • Photobox produces 1.7 million books a year at the plant.
  • Sartrouville (Paris) factory produces 68 million prints a year
  • The Willen Field Road (London) factory produces 800,000 canvas’, 600,000 mugs, 550,000 posters and 63 million prints a year.

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