broncolor announces new LED F160 and Innovation in Surface Visualization

September 26, 2018 Cologne, Germanybroncolor brings two new groundbreaking products to the world of image making through its LED F160 lamp and Scope D50 surface visualization system. Both products exemplify broncolor’s ongoing mission to elevate the capabilities of image making.

broncolor LED F160: Stunning Color Quality with Total Light Shaping for Continuous Light

LED F160 is the first broncolor lamp to utilize an LED as its sole light source. Building upon sixty years as a leading manufacturer of strobe, tungsten, and HMI products, LED F160 is designed to complement the needs of existing broncolor users. Thanks to its integrated broncolor Bayonet accessory mount and a precision-engineered diffusion element, the LED F160 matches the light shaping characteristics of broncolor’s other strobe lamps. LED F160 features an integrated spot-flood mechanism that can easily be adjusted from the side of the lamp single-handedly to control the beam of light.

With an outstanding CRI rating above 97, and as high as 98.6 at 5500 degrees Kelvin (daylight), the new lamp holds true to broncolor’s reputation for excellence in color accuracy. Featuring a tunable color temperature range from 2800 to 6800 degrees Kelvin and integrated green-magenta shift, the LED F160 offers an output equivalent of most 650W halogen units or 100W HMI.

Dimming is capable from full output to 10 percent, shown on the LED F160’s rear OLED display in familiar 1/10 or full-stop increments. Its sturdy construction and compact size are complemented by integrated control over WiFi via a future firmware update, or DMX through a forthcoming optional module.

LED F160 is available for pre-order for an MSRP of $1699.00. Included are a standard umbrella-reflector with a travel cap, diffusion element, and mains power. Optionally available are over fifty different possible combinations of light shapers, softboxes, and accessories.

broncolor Scope D50: A New Frontier for Photographic Lighting and Surface Visualization

broncolor Scope 250

Also on display at Photokina is broncolor’s latest development for inspection and cultural heritage photography, Scope D50. Developed in cooperation with Swiss-based firm TRUVIS, Scope D50 utilizes 48 light modules to capture a series of images that are merged for virtualization in software afterward.  48 separate images are captured with unique lighting parameters that are processed in the TRUVIS Authentica Creator software, which allows the user to completely control the lighting characteristics. Intensity, direction, hardness, and spectrum of light can all be adjusted post-capture to visualize different types of light sources or even surface textures.

Built to address the growing digitization needs of galleries, libraries, archives, and museums, Scope D50 stands to completely change what it means to photograph an object. No longer will a re-shoot be necessary if a new lighting style is required. Simple adjustments in software will allow for changes in light direction, hardness, and intensity. More so, characteristics of the object naked to the visible eye under conventional light sources can be observed thanks to the advanced capabilities of the Scope D50 and TRUVIS software. University of Strousberg’s Professor Regine Hunziker-Rodewald remarked, “A wonderful moment for researchers. We can see now things that were, in fact, invisible before.”

With availability in early 2019, Scope D50 supports any camera with a flash-synchronization output and includes a hard case, adjustable support feet, and adjustable camera bracket to accommodate a wide variety of cameras. Also included is a 2-workstation license for TRUVIS Authentica Creator software. Pricing and availability are to be announced at a later date.

Both LED F160 and Scope D50 can be seen at Photokina, Hall 02.1 alongside broncolor’s full line of professional photographic lighting solutions.

About broncolor and Bron Elektronik AG 

Since 1958, Bron Elektronik AG, has been manufacturing high-quality and powerful flash and continuous light solutions for professional photography applications, both in the studio and on location. A comprehensive and interchangeable product portfolio is offered by the well-known broncolor brand. Numerous patents, technological innovations, reliability, and longevity are just some of the reasons why broncolor is valued worldwide. From the company headquarters in Allschwil, Switzerland, Bron products are exported to approx. 60 countries worldwide.