Canon introduces new ProStream 3000 printers

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The ProStream 3160 is the flagship model of the ProStream 3000 series


Canon U.S.A., Inc., announced a new web-fed inkjet press for commercial and business communications print service providers with the ProStream 3160, the new flagship model of the ProStream 3000 series. The ProStream 3160 is an ultra-fast roll-fed 4/4 inkjet press that can deliver up to 525 feet per minute (160 meters per minute), the company claims. With the new ink set, the ProStream 3160 boasts a 100% productivity increase when printing on 12 pt media and up to a 66% productivity increase on 9 pt media compared to previous ProStream models.

The press offers 1200 DPI print quality, a vibrant color ink set with an extended color gamut, and also works with a range of papers, from 28 gsm to 300 gsm, providing a high level of paper flexibility. New inks used in the ProStream 3160, specifically adapted and developed for the ProStream 3000 platform, have been optimized for the number of pigments and the size of the pigment particles to produce supreme edge sharpness while working to fit the 1200 DPI print heads with advanced jet stability at higher ink loads, claims Canon. A new polymer component allows for fast drying, which works well with the advanced drying capabilities of the 3000 platform, helping to provide customers better robustness and compatibility with embellishment options.

ColorStream 8200 and 8110

Canon also added two new models – the ColorStream 8200 and 8110 –  to build on the success of the ColorStream 8000 series of high-speed, web-fed inkjet presses. The latest additions to the series now include the ColorStream 8200, offering a maximum speed of up to 656 feet per minute, and theColorStream 8110, which offers up to 361 feet per minute.

Both new models feature native 1200 DPI printheads and highly pigmented water-based polymer inks, designed for a wide color gamut on uncoated, recycled, inkjet-coated matte and inkjet-treated paper without pre-treatment, the company said. The use of durable, long-life components, together with automation features such as auto splice handling and tight communication with inline finishing devices, reflects Canon’s focus on supporting customers to achieve productivity while simultaneously working to reduce the environmental impact of its products and operations.

The ColorStream 8200 can deliver 2,860 impressions per minute. Its capabilities make it attractive for PSPs needing to handle production peaks with ease while producing a mix of output, including transactional statements, publications, books, direct mail, and product inserts.

Arizona 2300 FLXflow

Canon also announced the upcoming availability of the Arizona 2300 series with FLXflow technology, which brings new productivity features to the flatbed printer series. Previously known as FLOW technology, the new FLXflow series offers the original ‘Hold’ functionality, which helps to hold media down on the flatbed table but also the new optional ‘Float’ and ‘Instant Switch’ functionalities to help improve media handling.

Further features, such as additional quality modes, image layout controls, and improved workflow integration, together with an optional interface that connects to third-party automation systems to allow for continuous loading and unloading media, are designed to help deliver increased workflow efficiency and productivity.

Catering to the mid-to-high volume market for large format graphics, the Arizona 2300 FLXflow series supports a wide variety of substrates and applications. This enables customers, both in-house or commercial print service providers (PSPs), to adapt to evolving consumer trends, such as the growing demand for personalized and made-to-order applications, while allowing for customization to remain economically viable, even for samples and one-off orders.