Carson Infinity debuts Matt baryta digital darkroom paper

Baryta Photographique II Matt

Canson Infiniity launched its first Matt baryta digital darkroom paper, Baryta Photographique II Matt, 310gsm. The company says the new Baryta Photographique II Matt paper has an ultra-smooth surface with a totally matt finish which, due to the lack of grain interference, accentuates the detail in the printed image. The matt surface also has no light reflection from any viewing angle.

“The new Baryta Photographique II Matt is totally smooth as well as completely matt. This means that the incident brightness on the paper does not create distracting reflections, which allows you to see incredible detail within your image,” commented Sanjay Jogia, wedding photographer and Canson Infinity Ambassador.

Although Baryta Photographique II Matt is classed as a digital darkroom photo paper, it should be printed using Matt Black ink as opposed to Photo Black ink, advised Canson. With an extremely high D-Max, or black density, equivalent to that of a digital fine art matt paper, the paper offers exceptional contrast and depth, as well as colors with vibrancy and intensity.

The new paper has the same true barium sulfate layer (baryta), as Baryta Photographique II, and benefits from the improved handling of the paper introduced in the second generation of this popular digital darkroom paper. Baryta Photographique II Matt is made on a traditional photographic alpha-cellulose base.

Baryta Photographique II Matt is available in sheets from 5” x 7” up to 60” wide rolls A range of ICC profiles, developed by our in-house technical team, are available on the Canson® Infinity web site.