CEWE counters discount positioning with “What Really Counts” campaign

CEWE counters discount positioning with the “What Really Counts” campaign

Europe’s largest photo printing company, CEWE, launched a campaign to be the antithesis of deep discounts and promotional prices fo the holiday season by emphasizing the emotional appeal of photo products.

“Every day, our customers entrust us with their most personal things in the form of their photos,” says Thomas Mehls, CEWE board member. “That is why it is extremely important to us to offer you the appropriate quality and comprehensive service.”

“Days like Black Friday, when online retailers, in particular, are only fighting for the best prices, From our point of view lead to even more gifts that can be ordered with one click,” says Mehls. “The personal thought of choosing the right gift for your loved ones takes a back seat. That is not what we expect from Christmas gifts. From our point of view, such campaigns also damage the diversity in stationary retail in the long term, with which we are closely connected through our trading partners.”


In all CEWE advertising campaigns, real customers and their very individual stories are in the foreground. This is also the case in the TV spot “What Real Counts”, which will be broadcast on German television from November 27 to 30 – supported by broad online communication. In November, CEWE launched an appeal on the social networks for everyone to share the photo moments that are for them under the hashtag #whatreallycounts. These photos will be used to create a unique TV commercial that will be shown, among other things, during the RTL annual review “2020! People, pictures, Emotions” on St. Nicholas’ Day, Dec. 6.

“The very special TV spot with the personal photo moments of our customers should make it clear that the statement ‘What really counts’ is associated with real and deep emotions for many people at this special time,” says Mehls.