Charting creative entrepreneurship and small business marketing with Drew Donaldson

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Have you ever found yourself at a career crossroads, yearning for creative liberation and the thrill of entrepreneurship? Drew Donaldson, founder of GroHaus, joins Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society to share his transformation from a film and television graduate to a marketing maven. Donaldson transports us through inspirations drawn from his parents’ business savvy, and how a mix of resilience, strategic thinking, and a dash of serendipity allowed him to cultivate a flourishing marketing agency amidst the chaos of a global pandemic.

Donaldson provides an insider’s look at the delicate dance between maintaining creative gusto and the practicalities of delivering standout marketing services. He dissects the nuances of small business marketing, from the allocation of budgets to embracing technological advancements, all while keeping the human touch at the forefront—think Ace Hardware’s neighborly charm versus the big-box detachment.