DxO improves the DxO ONE’s standalone mode and battery life

Version 2.2 of the DxO ONE iOS application now available for free

DxO One camera

PARIS — May 31, 2017 — DxO, a pioneer in digital image technologies, announces the latest update to the DxO ONE, its professional miniaturized and connected camera for the iPhone® and iPad®. The sixth free and major update since the launch of the device, version 2.2 brings several new features and enhancements that further expand the versatility of the DxO ONE, including a new exposure level meter in standalone mode for perfectly exposed photos. It also offers better battery management, faster application startup time, and automatic firmware updates for the camera.

Used in standalone mode, the DxO ONE is a fully-fledged camera whose compactness and discretion are particularly suited for everyday use or street photography. It is very simple for users to compose a scene with just one hand, using the camera’s OLED screen and framing assistant, and then focusing by half-pressing the shutter button before taking the picture. To make it easier to take pictures in this mode, version 2.2 adds a new exposure level indicator to the DxO ONE control screen. Taking into account the selected aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity, the feature indicates whether the photo is properly exposed when the camera is not connected to an iPhone. With its built-in battery, memory card, and control panel, the DxO ONE in standalone mode offers an even more complete photographic experience.

Version 2.2 also includes enhancements that provide better battery life for the DxO ONE. DxO has optimized the charging mechanism and improved the precision and reliability of the device’s charge indicator. In addition, the more energy-efficient AF-OD (AutoFocus On-Demand) mode is activated by default. As a complement to these technical improvements, DxO has published on its website a list of ten tips for optimizing battery life at the following link. Further, DxO has optimized the startup time of the iOS application to allow users to take photos almost instantaneously.

Finally, the updated application inaugurates the automatic transfer of the latest available version of the firmware when the DxO ONE is connected to an iPhone or an iPad. Updates will automatically take place without any user intervention the next time the battery is being charged, thereby allowing users to benefit from DxO’s latest improvements.

Pricing & Availability

The DxO ONE Miniaturized Pro Quality Connected Camera for iPhone and iPad is available for purchase at dxo.com, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, B8ta and other respected retailers for $499.

Version 2.2 of the iOS application dedicated to the DxO ONE and the application for Apple Watch are available for free via the iTunes App Store. Any purchase of a DxO ONE camera includes free downloading of the simple and powerful DxO Connect transfer and image optimization software for Mac and PC, as well as of DxO OpticsPro for Photos—DxO ONE camera only software, which allows users to benefit from all the power of DxO OpticsPro to optimize their photos.

About DxO

For more than 10 years, DxO has been developing the world’s most advanced image processing technologies, enabling more than 400 million devices to capture images of unrivaled quality. DxOMark has analyzed in detail the image quality of thousands of cameras, lenses, and smartphones, offering the general public access to scientific results so as to advance the art of photography. DxO OpticsPro, the award-winning RAW processing software for Mac and PC, allows photographers of all levels to optimize their photos with ease. With the launch of its DxO ONE miniature professional-quality camera for iPhone and iPad, DxO image scientists and engineers have redefined mobile photography. A complete ecosystem of accessories makes it possible to use the DxO ONE in all situations, to capture unforgettable photos that can be shared instantly.