Entourage Yearbooks announces new capabilities for personalized pages and dynamic covers

Entourage Yearbooks has developed new features that allow clients to create dynamic pages and covers personalized on a student-by-student basis.

Entourage Yearbooks has provided high-quality yearbook services to countless schools and institutions in over 20 countries since 2006. They focus on exemplary customer service, flexible and intuitive software, and speedy turnaround times. As a leader in the yearbook industry, Entourage also actively responds to client feedback while developing innovative features like their new personalized page and dynamic cover capabilities.

Now, yearbook teams can create yearbooks that feature individual students on the cover or on internal pages, providing a unique book to each student. The feature can also be used to dedicate sections in individual books to specific events, clubs, or teams. These new capabilities open up a wide range of creative possibilities.

“At Entourage, we’re always looking to provide yearbook advisors with more options and features,” said Elias Jo, CEO and co-owner of Entourage Yearbooks. “With our personalized pages and dynamic covers, our clients can now provide their students with a book that serves as an even more special souvenir of their year. We can’t wait to see these features utilized in creative and unexpected ways.”

Entourage Yearbooks enables clients to design and print yearbooks for any grade level as well as corporate directories, military yearbooks, and more. To learn more about their services, visit their website at entourageyearbooks.com or call (609) 452-2665 today!

About Entourage Yearbooks:

Founded in 2006, Entourage Yearbooks provides yearbooks to over 4,000 schools across the US and in 18 countries around the world. Entourage’s unique collaborative yearbook technologies and industry-leading production times has made the company one of the fastest growing in the country, recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as the 17th fastest growing private education company in the US.