Excire announces two new plug-ins to help photographers quickly and easily search for images in their photo collections

In contrast to traditional systems that require a user to manually enter appropriate keywords or search tags for each image, Excire works by automatically learning the characteristic features of all catalog images. In turn, images are tagged with any of five hundred built-in keywords (125 keywords for Excire Search). Appropriate images can quickly be retrieved or used for subsequent searches based on example images or desired keyword content entered by the software. Both the Excire Search and Pro plug-ins reside on a user’s own computer, there is no need for lengthy cloud transfers or even access to very large files. The Excire interface is intuitive and easy-to-use so even occasional users will find it helpful.

Erhardt Barth, co-founder and CEO

“The AI technology used in Excire Search Pro was developed by computer scientists at the Pattern Recognition Company (PRC), parent company of Excire Inc., located in Lübeck,Germany,” said Erhardt Barth, co-founder and CEO of Pattern Recognition Company. “PRC is dedicated to bringing Artificial Intelligence technologies to photographers. Our unique skills in Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Computer Vision makes Excire particularly well-suited to assist our customers as they organize their digital image files.”

Interested buyers can download a fully functioning 15-day free trial of Excire Search or the Excire Search Pro plug-in for Lightroom. Interested photographers can learn more about Excire via online tech demos or by watching complimentary video tutorials on the Excire website. Excire Search Pro is available now (Mac or Windows) for $119 and the simpler Excire Search plug-in, is also available now (Mac or Windows) for $69. More information is available at the Excire website: http://www.excire.com

About Excire

Excire Inc. is an American corporation dedicated to bringing useful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to photographers. Excire technology was developed by the Pattern Recognition Company (PRC), a spin-off from the world-renowned University of Lübeck in Germany. PRC consists of a team of computer scientists; all focused on their shared passion for making AI an important productivity tool for photographers around the world. The Excire team possesses unique expertise in Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Computer Vision and they were using Neural Networks and Deep Learning long before those technologies became fashionable. For more information about Excire Inc. please visit https://www.excire.com

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