Flickr introduces features and enhanced insights to Pro Stats Dashboard

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New for Flickr Pros: Up to 9 months of detailed stats about your views, comments, and faves

Flickr, the global photography community and leading photo-management application, announced the launch of enhancements and new features to the Flickr Pro Stats dashboard. Flickr Pro users gain an enhanced experience across Flickr with exclusive features and powerful tools for managing photos. Among these tools are advanced stats within the Flickr Stats dashboard, accessible on both web and mobile.

Flickr’s Pro Stats dashboard now boasts an expanded timeline, allowing users to privately view their statistics over a substantial 36 weeks. This feature empowers users to effortlessly track the trends of their photos directly from their personal dashboard. The ability to filter data based on views, comments, or favorites facilitates a comprehensive analysis of performance, giving users a nuanced understanding of how their content resonates with their audience.

Flickr Pro users gain a historical view of engagement, encompassing reach, interaction, and personal appreciation, which contributes to a more meaningful experience for content creators. This data can now be exported from the Daily Stats dashboard—including the Source breakdown into CSV format for deeper analysis.

Flickr Pro experience features:

  • Recent stats, including views, comments, and favorites, accompanied by a day-specific source breakdown to identify the driving forces behind the traffic to Pro accounts.
  • All-time statistics with an overall content breakdown, offering a holistic view of users’ Flickr Pro journey.
  • Updated graphs with granular views, captivating chart animations, and more.