Flickr working with Pixsy to fight image theft

Flickr announced a partnership with Pixsy, an image monitoring and legal tech service helping photographers find and fight image theft. Pixsy’s reverse image search technology and AI monitors and protects your work 24/7, so you can keep control of where and how your photos are being used around the web, according to Flickr.

(Pixsy was a named a Special Recognition Award winner at the 2018 Visual 1st conference.  According to Judge Marcel van der Heijden, “Protecting the rights of media owners is a costly and complex process that today can only be done effectively by large organizations. Pixsy has turned copyright protection into a scalable, manageable, accessible and ultimately profitable process for individual and small business content creators. This Special Recognition Award is for the company’s tireless efforts to make copyright protection possible for everyone.”)

Flickr Pro members get access to 1,000 monitored images, 10 DMCA takedown notices, and unlimited case submission for free.