From Pixels to Perception: The Marketing Odyssey of Gee Ranasinha

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Unlock the mysteries of marketing’s impact on business success as Gee Ranasinha, CEO of Kexino, takes us on a revealing expedition into the heart of digital transformation and strategic branding. The conversation with Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society travels from the early days of digital photography to the intricacies of crafting marketing strategies that resonate with consumers and outshine the competition.

Reflecting on his 16 years of early digital photography experience, Ranasinha enlightens us on the perils and pitfalls businesses encounter when navigating marketing waters without a seasoned guide. He examines the nuances of brand perception, the vital role of strategic insight, and the powerful synergy between marketing and sales—distilling the essence of what drives a business forward.

Step behind the curtain of marketing and strategy, where Ranasinha confronts the skepticism of C-suite executives and the tension between logic and creativity. Learn how the blend of art and science in marketing can be the difference between noise and signal in an oversaturated market. As they traverse the evolving landscape of advertising technology and AI, Pageau and Ranasinha dissect the relationship dynamics between marketing and sales, emphasizing the significance of maintaining their distinct roles for the benefit of long-term strategic goals.