Happy Photo site releases photography pricing calculator for beginners

The Happy Photo, a U.K.-based website specializing in high-quality resources for beginner photographers, launched a complete report on Pricing Made Easy, a pricing tool for photographers. The report offers an overview of the importance of using the right pricing structure, and examines the main features of the popular pricing calculator.

The newly released report has been designed to provide beginner photographers with a practical resource on how to set the right prices for their services. The company said, according to recent but unspecified figures, only 15% of beginner photographers are still working in their third year. The Happy Photo states one of the most important factors contributing to the failure of the 85% is using a less than adequate pricing strategy.

The report explains that Pricing Made Easy can help photographers at all levels of experience create a custom pricing structure that works best for them:  “The system focuses on personalizing each individual photography business, as opposed to a lot of the standardized pricing models out there. After all, every single photographer has different needs and experiences. So you need a pricing plan that’s customized to your business and your marketplace.”

To help photographers optimize their pricing structure, Pricing Made Easy also includes calculators to determine three different budgets and video tutorials.