HARMAN launches new limited edition ISO 200 35mm film

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Portrait of man smoking and leaning against a wall. Shot on HARMAN Phoenix color film.

HARMAN technology Ltd. announced the launch of HARMAN Phoenix 200, a brand-new, limited-edition ISO 200, 35mm color film. The company claims HARMAN Phoenix 200 is the first ever color film made entirely from emulsion-to-cassette at its Mobberley factory.

“We are so well known for our black & white films that we are regularly asked why we don’t make color films,” says Greg Summers, Managing Director. “We always believed this wasn’t feasible, but I’m delighted to say we were wrong!”

In late 2022, a small team was tasked with a secret ‘skunk works’ project to see whether they could design, coat, and manufacture a color film at HARMAN’s UK site in Mobberley, Cheshire, the company said.  The result is HARMAN Phoenix, an ISO 200 color negative film with an analog look. It produces high-contrast images with strong, visible grain and punchy, vibrant colors. The film, now available, comes in a 36-exposure DX-coded cassette and can be rated between ISO 100 and 400 but performs best at ISO 200 in good, consistent light, with the possibility of halation.

HARMAN technology Ltd. was formed in 2005 by former managers of ILFORD Imaging UK Ltd., taking its name from Alfred Hugh Harman who founded the original ILFORD company in 1879. The company acquired the facilities in Cheshire, England, where ILFORD photographic products have been designed and manufactured for many years.