IMG.LY’s pivot from trending photo service to product development leader, with Eray Basar

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Discover the transformative journey of IMG.LY‘s Eray Basar as we traverse the landscape of tech innovation and product developmentIn this candid conversation with Gary Pageau of the Dead Pixels Society, Basar shares the highs and lows of starting a tech-focused agency that launched a popular Twitter photo service and the subsequent pivot to a product development powerhouse. He shares IMG.LY’s the importance of adaptable business models, the advantages of an agency’s perspective in product creation, and the art of learning from your audience to spearhead product innovation.

Venture into the complex world of tech licensing, Basar decodes the intricacies of monetization and the delicate art of pricing pioneering technologies. The discussion navigates the challenges of the printing industry, adapting marketing strategies to the unique visual languages of different social platforms, and considering the future impacts of artificial intelligence on the field.