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InfoTrends: Video services offer opportunities for pro photographers

Ed Lee from InfoTrends writes professional photographers should add video services more aggressively to boost their business.

“In InfoTrends’ Professional Photography and Videography studies, we have discovered a number of things about pro photographers and their relationship with video through the years. In 2010, only 16% of pros said that they offered to shoot video for clients,” he writes. “In subsequent studies, we saw this rate grow steadily, but it has leveled off to around 28% over the last few years. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see that about 16% of pros who do not currently offer video services are planning to add them in the next 12 months. Pro photographers who are involved with advertising, catalog and product, corporate, and editorial photography are most likely to offer video services, with percentages ranging from 40% to 50%.”

To learn more about our ongoing research of the professional photography and videography markets, contact Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends.


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