Insta360 debuts AI-powered 4K webcam

Insta360 announced the launch of Insta360 Link, an AI-powered 4K webcam. Equipped with 4K resolution at 30 fps and an industry-leading 1/2-inch sensor, Link delivers life-like image quality, detail, and high dynamic range in any lighting conditions, the company said. A three-axis gimbal and built-in AI algorithms enable the webcam to always keep the user in frame and respond to gesture controls. The $299.99 Insta360 Link is available now via and retailers.

“Developing Insta360 Link was a natural evolution of our mission to help people share their lives,” said JK Liu, founder of Insta360. “With the pandemic shifting work to our homes at an unprecedented rate, we saw the opportunity to help people ‘work from home’ better with our expertise in AI image processing. Link’s ultra-precise AI tracking algorithms and premium imaging hardware make communicating remotely more intuitive than ever before.”

“Insta360 Link is as much about the software as the hardware,” said Max Richter, Vice President of Insta360. “Insta360 has been a pioneer in developing AI image processing technologies for 360 cameras since 2020, and we’re now bringing that expertise to a wider audience of people with Insta360 Link.

The 3-axis gimbal lens uses AI tracking to follow the user’s movement, keeping them centered at all times. With automatic framing and zooming, there’s no need to manually adjust the camera during a call.

For adjustments from a distance, Link responds instantly to gesture control. Using simple hand gestures, users can enable AI tracking, zoom in and out, and activate other camera modes.

Link’s advanced software also enables DeskView Mode, which allows users to quickly toggle between showing their face and their tabletop. Software algorithms level the perspective for easier viewing of documents, perfect for presenting during a video call or working out a math problem.

Link has a series of specialized modes to give users every possible advantage when communicating online:

  • Whiteboard Mode: Enhance a designated whiteboard area to give students or meeting participants a much clearer view.

  • Portrait Mode: Live stream with a totally uncropped 9:16 view for optimal mobile viewing and better image quality.

  • Overhead Mode: Capture precisely level top-down views with Link mounted on a table stand, perfect for unboxing a product or sketching a design.

Link is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, and various other platforms on both macOS and Windows computers.