Insta360 debuts Insta360 GO 3 tiny action camera

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Insta360 announced Insta360 GO 3 tiny action camera. The tiny Insta360 GO 3 is available now. GO 3 comes with the Action Pod included and other useful accessories, including the Magnet Pendant, Easy Clip, Pivot Stand, and Lens Guard. Three storage options are available: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models, priced at $379.99, $399.99, and $429.99 respectively.

The camera comes in smaller than thumb size and weighs in at only 1.2oz (35g), and has a magnetic body to allow it to mounted on different metal surfaces. Using the flip-up 2.2-inch touchscreen, users can control the camera remotely and preview their shots even when GO 3 is mounted in hard-to-reach locations. When running low on power, GO 3 can be mounted in the Pod to keep shooting for up to 170 minutes.

GO 3 comes with a set of magnetic accessories that truly unlock the camera’s creative potential:

  • Magnet Pendant: A circular magnet that can be worn around the neck and sits beneath clothing, allowing GO 3 to be seamlessly worn on the chest for first-person POV filming.

  • Easy Clip: An accessory designed for hats, snugly fitting GO 3 above the head for a hands-free, high-angle shot.

  • Pivot Stand: A reusable sticky mount with an adjustable design that allows for tricky angles to be shot with ease. Completely redesigned, the stand also unscrews to reveal a 1/4” mounting point for attaching to a selfie stick or tripod.

GO 3 comes equipped with FlowState Stabilization and 360 Horizon Lock, ensuring smooth footage even in the most action-packed scenarios and eliminating unwanted tilting or distortion. Software optimizations and a resolution upgrade to 2.7K deliver crisp, vibrant videos. With no clip length limitations and a larger 310mAh battery, creators can keep shooting for up to 45 minutes without the Pod, a 50% increase on the previous generation.

Sporting an additional mic, GO 3’s dual microphones offer clearer and crisper audio over its predecessor. Voice Control 2.0 also comes with this upgrade, allowing for complete hands-free operation of GO 3, no matter the situation.

New recording modes are also available, including Pre-recording, Loop Recording and Timed Capture. With Timed Capture, simply schedule GO 3 to power on and start recording at a specific time. No more waking up early to shoot a sunrise timelapse!