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Insta360 ONE X redefines the action camera with 5.7K video, cinematic slow-mo

Insta360 has launched the ONE X, a $399 5.7K action camera that uses 360-degree capture, stabilization, and cinematic slow-mo features to expand what is possible with a camera, the company says. The camera is now available, with shipments beginning Oct. 17. The camera incorporates a new “FlowState” stabilization algorithm, which analyzes movement in all directions Users have options for different shooting modes, including 30 FBS (5.7K), 50 FPS (4K) and 100 FPS (3K), and 18MP stills.

The camera’s TimeShift feature lets users adjust the speed of different parts of a clip. Users can highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse. Other modes include the ability to remove a selfie stick from a shot and a “Bullet Time” mode, an orbiting perspective that puts a user at the center of a slow-mo shot.

Insta360 Drifter camera dart

The camera also has accessories to expand possibilities. The Insta360 Drifter snap-on camera dart allows the camera to be thrown while recording, to create interesting effects. The Venture Case is a tough shell designed for above-water shooting, which offers splash protection and waterproofing to 5 meters. The Dive Case is built to breach the depths. Specialized dome lenses allow for underwater 360 shooting — with a clean stitch – down to 30 meters.

Users can connect to the ONE X via 5.8 GHz WiFi to let them preview and control their shots in real time or via transfer cables. The ONE X is powered by a removable 1200 mAHh battery.



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