Jostens brings back free digital yearbook signing pages for 2021

Jostens signing pages

Jostens announced the release of the 2021 Digital Signing Pages website for all U.S. students and schools. The Jostens Digital Yearbook Signing Page platform was initially launched May 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing constraints restricting the physical sharing and signing of yearbooks among classmates. Since its launch, more than 1 million signatures have been shared on the proprietary website.

“Last year we launched Digital Signing Pages to help all students and schools preserve their yearbook traditions in the midst of COVID-19,” said Mike Wolf, Jostens Vice President of Marketing.  “And because the response was so great, we wanted to offer it again this year even as schools are starting to get back to ‘normal’, because it’s such a fun, engaging experience for everyone.”

Jostens Digital Signing pages replicate the handwritten yearbook signing experience through a proprietary website inviting any student to set up a free account. After setting up an account, students then send a unique web link to friends, inviting them to virtually sign their yearbook After virtual signatures and notes are compiled, pages can be printed for each student to have a personalized keepsake of their year.