Kandao releases QooCam3 360-degree action camera

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Kandao Technology unveiled its newest 360-degree camera, the QooCam 3. Boasting dual fisheye lenses for comprehensive angle coverage, the camera produces  5.7K 30FPS 360-degree videos and high-resolution 11K panoramic photos. Equipped with a wide F1.6 aperture and two 1/1.55-inch sensors, the $349 camera excels in low-light conditions, delivering vivid and intricate imagery, the company claims. Plus, its integrated stabilization ensures seamless shooting in various scenarios, from aerial and handheld to biking and off-road racing.

At the heart of the QooCam 3 are two 1/1.55-inch sensors paired with a fast F1.6 aperture. This dynamic combination empowers the camera to deliver image quality that approaches that of a 1″-sensor camera, ensuring you capture every moment with exceptional clarity and detail. No matter the lighting conditions, the QooCam 3 rises to the occasion, producing brighter and more detailed images even in low-light environments.

The DNG8 mode with the RAW+ software enhances every detail by capturing eight files in one frame and merging all details into one, making your content truly a masterpiece, according to Kandao.