Kodak Moments highlights power of printed pictures in new videos

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Kodak Moments has launched a series of videos centered around the value of displaying printed photos in the home. The “Let Your Home Tell Your Story” series of videos features vignettes of how printed photos displayed in the home cam make special moments last longer. The subjects range from a pair of best friends getting matching tattoos to a father and daughter playing guitar together, to a skate crew, to friends on a camping trip. The spots will run across connected TV, social, and digital platforms.

According to a blog post by San Francisco-based Agency SOS that created the campaign, “You experience a moment differently when it escapes your social media feed and makes its way into your home,” said John Kovacevich, Founder and Creative Director at Agency SOS. “When we developed the campaign, we noticed how emotional people got when they told us the story behind a framed photo on their mantle. These spots celebrate that feeling—the way a physical framed moment brings a special energy into a room and helps you tell your story.”

The campaign was developed by Agency SOS, which handled strategy, creative development, production, and media planning, and Little Moving Pictures and directed by Cali Bondad.

“The agency team on this was myself and creative director Laura Wimer Jewell,” said Kovacevich. “We wear a lot of hats: creative director, writer, art director, account manager, agency producer, strategist…but our philosophy is that a small team of experienced grown-ups working directly with clients gets you to great work with less layers and fuss.

The entire campaign can be seen here.