KOSÉ uses Bellus3D face-scanning to deliver personalized beauty products

3-D face-scanning company Bellus3D, Inc.is partnering with KOSÉ Corp. to provide personalized sheet masks tailored to each customer’s face. KOSÉ has developed a custom application being debuted at its Tokyo store leveraging Bellus3D face-scanning technology to provide customers with a personalized beauty experience.

“Maison KOSÉ”, a concept store featuring state-of-the-art digital technology, opened in December 2019 and offers a variety of beauty content across its brands fusing digital and experience. These “Beauty Attractions” provide unique new beauty experiences tailored to each customer.

Using Bellus3D technology, KOSÉ is developing personalized sheet masks that precisely match the contours of each customer’s face. KOSÉ’s process captures a 3D scan of the customer’s face at the store, converts it to 2D data, and uses a laser processing machine to cut the sheet mask and provide it to the customer right in the store.

“Bellus3D’s 3D face scanning technology allows us to create products that are highly personalized by exactly matching the contours of our customer’s face. This is one of the Beauty Attractions that we would like to offer to our customers at Maison KOSÉ and we are excited to be partnering with the technology leader in 3D facial scanning,” said Akira Matsubara, Executive Officer of KOSÉ Corporation.