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Lensbaby announces OMNI Creative Filter System

Portland, OR — Lensbaby – makers of award-winning lenses, optics and accessories announces today the availability of the OMNI Creative Filter System by Lensbaby.

The OMNI System offers control and repeatability when shooting through crystals and other objects engineered by Lensbaby to create distinct and compelling in-camera effects. This unique, professional system is unlike anything currently on the market and geared to work on photographers’ existing prime and zoom lenses.

“Shooting through handheld objects can add something special – but it’s difficult to hold an object in front of your lens and achieve the desired effect, while also framing your subject and operating your camera. The OMNI Creative Filter System puts unique, variable and repeatable in-camera effects right at the fingertips of video and still photographers,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder. “OMNI’s Effect Wands attach magnetically and can easily be manipulated, offering a simple, intuitive and elegant solution.”

The OMNI Creative Filter System utilizes a lightweight ring that screws onto the lens’s filter threads. It includes three Effect Wands that magnetically attach to the filter ring, for quick and easy positioning anywhere around the front of the lens.

“This system brings Lensbaby’s pursuit of in-camera creative effects to those who don’t shoot with Lensbaby lenses,” said Strong. “OMNI is not another camera lens. It’s the ultimate tool for adding artistic control while you are interacting with your subject and making pictures.”

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The OMNI Creative Filter System and the Crystal Expansion Pack will be available for pre-order June 18. The OMNI Creative Filter System will retail for $99.95. The Crystal Expansion Pack will retail for $49.95.   

OMNI Creative Filter System Details:

Effect Wands

All OMNI Effect Wands are engineered by Lensbaby to deliver extraordinary, artistic in-camera effects right at photographers’ fingertips.

Crystal Seahorse

With its multitude of angles and edge scallops, this uniquely shaped crystal offers endless possibilities for complex flare, light redirection and radiant reflections.

Stretch Glass

The large surface area of the Stretch Glass is excellent for creating bright stretches and streaks of light within an image. Shoot through the flat and curved sides, or at an angle to achieve chance reflections and luminous effects.

Rainbow Film

The Rainbow Film is a unique diffraction panel that creates beaming reflective rainbows offset from any bright light source.


The OMNI Creative Filter System is designed to fit most prime and zoom lenses on the market. For the best shooting experience, use 35mm or longer focal length lenses. When shooting on all focal length lenses, especially those wider than 35mm, choose bright apertures to ensure the most natural looking creative effects.

OMNI is available in Small and Large versions and includes step-up or step-down rings to fit a range of filter thread sizes.

Small ring version

Native size: 58mm

Step up rings: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm

Large ring version

Native size: 77mm

Step up/down rings: 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 82mm*

*When using the 82mm step-down ring, vignetting will occur at focal lengths wider than 50mm. Lenses longer than 50mm will most likely not vignette.

What’s included:

  • Filter Ring (Small or Large)
  • Crystal Seahorse Effect Wand
  • Stretch Glass Effect Wand
  • Rainbow Film Effect Wand
  • Step-up/down Rings
    • Small Filter Ring will fit 49mm, 52mm, 55mm and 58mm lens threads
    • Large Filter Ring will fit 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm lens threads
  • 2 x Magnetic Mounts (each mount holds up to two Effect Wands)
  • 2 x Arms (one longer, one shorter)
  • Small Carrying Case

OMNI Crystal Expansion Pack (sold separately for $49.95):

Crystal Spear

Create a wide variety of effects, from radiant specular highlights and kaleidoscopic reflections to dreamlike flare with the versatile Crystal Spear.

Triangular Prism

Create surprising reflections within the frame by shooting through the differently sized sides of the Triangular Prism. 

Scalloped Window

The unique edges of the Scalloped Window offer brilliant flare and reflection, while the large clear center keeps your subject visible.

About Lensbaby:

Lensbaby creates tools that enable photographers and videographers to find their unique visual voice. For over 15 years, they have been manufacturing high-quality creative effects lenses, optics, and accessories out of their Portland, Oregon headquarters.

Lensbaby sells its products on its website as well as through a worldwide network of retailers and distributors. For more information, visit


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