Lightricks launches generative AI film platform

AI-based imaging company Lightricks – which publishes the popular photo and video editing apps Facetune, Photoleap, and Videoleap – announced today the upcoming launch of LTX Studio, a generative AI-driven editing platform for video production and filmmaking. The public is invited to join the waitlist to access and be among the first to experience following the March 27 launch event.

Lightricks claims filmmakers, advertising/marketing agencies, content creators and others will now be able to streamline the entire video production process, from scripting to editing, into a single, intuitive interface.

Lightricks claimed the LTX Studio platform offers:

  • Idea Visualization: LTX Studio helps take initial thoughts and transforms them into visual concepts, simplifying the creative process.
  • Storyboarding and Scene Planning: LTX Studio automates storyboard creation, making it easy to organize and sequence the narrative.
  • Advanced Control and Customization: Once an initial storyboard is created, a creator can choose, change, or customize characters, camera angles, backgrounds, audio and voice effects, and more.
  • Faster Pre-production & Rough Cuts: LTX Studio’s innovative UX enables creators to achieve their final vision faster.
  • Real-time Feedback and Adjustments: LTX Studio’s algorithms and tech stack generate results in near real-time, without interrupting the creative process.

“LTX Studio opens up a new world for expressing creativity on a larger scale — changing the landscape of video production for creators, filmmakers, studios, and marketers,” says Lightricks CEO and co-founder, Zeev Farbman. “The visual stories made by the filmmakers and creators that we selected to first test LTX Studio are deeply inspiring, and demonstrate the powerful capabilities of our new product. We’re thrilled to be on the frontier of this new creative age.”

The company says LTX Studio is “the first AI-driven platform for creating high-quality video from brief definitions or longer-form stories and screenplays, offering intuitive ‘directorial’ tools,” including:

  • Automatic script writer: Just key in a few words or a stream of consciousness and generate an initial script.
  • Scene Control: Make general adjustments on the fly to several shots at once.
  • Character Consistency: Easily develop a unique character from your vision (or input your own image), and insert them across multiple scenes.
  • Camera Control: Using a simple, intuitive interface, creators have detailed control over camera angles and movement.
  • One-click Edit: Leveraging Lightricks’ proprietary technology, creators can opt to have the system provide a unique edit of their video based on the context of the story, adjusting things like lighting, scenery, and character details.

LTX Studio is being released initially as a free trial and will move to a payment model after launch. Join the waitlist to be among the first to access the LTX Studio when it is launched on March 27th.