Lomography debuts LomoChrome Metropolis reloadable film camera

The Lomography simple-use camera comes with flash gels for different effects.


Lomography Simple Use Camera and Metropolis film

Lomography introduced a reloadable 35mm film “simple use” camera preloaded with LomoChrome Metropolis ISO 100-400, the company’s first new color negative film after more than five years. Lomography describes the emulsion producing muted colors and an urban, grungy character.

To add even more effects, the camera comes with yellow, magenta and cyan filters the user can place over the flash unit for different effects.

The camera design is remarkably similar to classic single-use camera designs, but can be easily reloaded. (Instructions here.)

The fixed-focus camera features 31mm fixed focal lens, 1/20s shutter speed, and an f/9 aperture. The camera also comes with a replaceable AA battery; all for $22.90 US.

Sample images: