Lomography debuts Lomomatic 110 pocket camera

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Lomography has introduced the Lomomatic 110 camera, featuring automatic exposure, day and night aperture modes, controllable ISO settings and a glass lens. Available now in the classic silver metal edition and colorful Golden Gate edition.

Lomography brought back the once-dominant 110-film format in 2012, offering a wide variety of cameras and 110-format films, including color negative, black-and-white, redscale and LomoChrome films.

The zone-focus camera features a 23mm focal-length lens with available apertures of Day f/5.6, Night f/2.8, with a Maximum aperture: f/2.8. ISO options include 100, 200 or 400. The attachable flash has “Day”, “Night” and “OFF” manual settings, with included interchangeable color filters.