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Mediaclip Plug’N’Play & Affiliate Program reinvent the Product Personalization Industry

Montréal, QC – March 11th, 2019. Mediaclip™, the leading developer of product personalization software, launched its unrivaled Play Affiliate Program, aiming to develop its Plug’N’Play ecosystem which will allow retailers to more easily than ever offer personalized products.

Mediaclip goes the extra mile, tearing down the barriers faced by eRetailers, by offering their customers high-quality personalized products, a process that in the past demanded extensive investment in time and money. With Mediaclip’s Play Affiliate Program, the product personalization leader is extending an opportunity to join at any step of its Plug’N’Play ecosystem. This revolutionary concept allows the retailer to offer any personalized products on any eCommerce platform, fulfillable with any partner at transparent pricing, and allowing for the integration of any third-party application.

Prior to the recent unveiling of Mediaclip’s Plug’N’Play concept, Mediaclip took the time to fully comprehend what eRetailers want. Key insights are below:

  1. Online retailers are looking to have control over their workflow.
  2. These retailers want the ability to sell on a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, which enables advanced marketing tools and reportingExamples include Magento and Shopify platforms, already available platforms on Mediaclip’s marketplace, yet nonetheless without excluding any other platform.
  3. eRetailers are looking to differentiate themselves with innovative products.
  4. eRetailers seek to tap into the benefits of integrating third-party apps to improve user experience and sales opportunities.
  5. eRetailers want their business to go online without the need for any technical skills, and want to be move rapidly as the retail market is very competitive.
  6. As the cherry on the sundae, they decisively prefer to use the best-in-class Mediaclip Product Designer.

“After years of varying experiences trying to build the best turnkey solution, we realized by talking to retailers and fulfillers alike that they want more flexibility than a closed solution can provide,” says Marion Duchesne, Mediaclip founder and CEO. “They want to retain control over their core business and benefit from the expertise of a network of specialists in order to differentiate themselves

Indeed, Mediaclip has always provided an open solution, but now the Mediaclip Hub can seamlessly integrate with any company that can add value to the shopping experience and to the product offering. Hence, Mediaclip decided to go forward by extending even more so its ecosystem to ever greater opportunities and ever evolving’s clients’ needs.

Mediaclip’s Plug’N’Play is the result of Mediaclip’s unrivaled expertise and experience, combined with its dedication to innovation. With Mediaclip’s Plug’N’Play, launching a storefront becomes a matter of hours. eRetailers can now choose their products, fulfillers, eCommerce, design and add-ons more efficiently than ever, in accordance to their specific needs.

For this reason, Mediaclip is proud to reveal its Play Buddy Program, aiming to grow its Plug’N’Play ecosystem, at the Business Forum Imaging (BFI), held in Cologne from March 6 – 7, 2019. Any eCommerce, labs, or apps are indeed invited to connect to the marketplace’s RESTful API. Mediaclip, a Guest Panelist of the Business Forum Imaging 2019 event, and its CEO, Marion Duchesne, were giving an informative presentation highlighting the new B2C and B2B opportunities for monetizing photo engagement through print products on March 7th at 12:15 pm CET.


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