muvee & Athentech bring patented color science technology to mobile phone cameras

Smartphones can now get the precision and beauty used by professional photographers and color labs in their cameras

4 October 2017 Singapore and Calgary: muvee Technologies, the leading mobile video company, today announced an exclusive partnership with Athentech Imaging, the world leader in Intelligent Image Correction, to deliver its patented color science image correction algorithms to mobile phone cameras so that perfect photos are captured every time, under any condition.

Mobile phone makers can now implement the same Perfectly Clear® image correction technologies used and loved by professional photographers into their default camera app to achieve professional results in mere fractions of a second on any mobile device, ensuring real-time capture experience even on phones using budget imaging components.

The Perfectly Clear suite of image correction plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop has been a favourite amongst leading professional photographers. Its software development kit (SDK) has been also licensed and integrated into the workflow of the world’s leading printers. Every single day, 30,000,000 (30 million) photos are corrected automatically by Perfectly Clear. This is testament to its robustness and promise to never make a photo worse, always better.

As a pioneer in mobile video software, muvee Technologies has over 13 years of multimedia development expertise in video for a myriad of mobile platforms, from the early Symbian and embedded RTOS (Real Time OS) to developing for GPU (Graphic Processing Units) and DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) on both Qualcomm and Mediatekplatforms. Overtheyears,muveehasimplementedmultiplevideofeaturesandappsintothecamera and gallery experience of over 350 million phones made by brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, OPPO and Alcatel.

As part of this strategic partnership, muvee will:

  1. implement the Perfectly Clear algorithms for today’s modern mobile processing units;
  2. exclusively license, support, and integrate the mobile SDK to handset makers globally;
  3. achieve maximum portability and execution speed using platforms like Halide, C, OpenCL and OpenGL;
  4. further the state of the art together with Athentech to eventually achieve Perfectly Clear for video, to process live video in realtime.

“We believe in bringing the best technology to our customers, and as we expand our business and offerings, image correction science is a natural fit. Athentech is the undisputed leader with proven and validated technology used by both professional photographers, and color labs. With our familiarity with today’s mobile computing platforms and handset manufacturers, it’s a very meaningful and synergistic collaboration,” says Terence Swee, Founder and CEO of muvee.

“The job of the camera is to freeze the moment. But the human eye is what captures the memory. Our science is so precise, it can replicate and correct images to be the exact reflection of what you saw in the moment. We wanted to work with a proven partner to quickly bring our patented image science to the next billion cameras. However, we also don’t want to lose focus on our community of professional users and color labs that we want to support. Working with muvee on the mobile handset maker market is a win-win for everyone: handset makers get the trusted and familiar engineering support from muvee and get to implement our patented color science algorithms with a time to market speed which either of us would not have been able to pull off going it alone,” says Brad Malcolm, President of Athentech.

About muvee

Since 2001, muvee has been developing software and technologies to help users create easily and quickly. In its storied history, muvee has scored many world’s first: in 2002, the first smart automatic video editor for Windows, and then in 2004, the world’s first mobile video editing app for Nokia . In 2006, muvee launched the world’s first digital camera slideshow application, Pictmotion for Nikon cameras (TYO: 7731 ). Today, muvee develops creative software on the Mobile, Mac and PC for AR/VR, 360 Cameras , Drones and Action Cameras . muvee’s global customers include HP (NYSE: HPQ ), Dell (NASDAQ: DELL ), LG (KRX: 066570) , Samsung (KRX: 005930 ), Sony (NASDAQ: SNE ), Nikon (TYO: 7731 ), Alcatel , OPPO and Motorola . Headquartered in Singapore, muvee has team presence in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul, Shenzhen, India, Sri Lanka and Jakarta. Its early investors included the Government of Singapore and Walden International.

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About Athentech Imaging Inc.

Since 2001, Athentech has been committed to creating innovative solutions for photographers and photo companies who desire precision, speed and beauty in their workflow. Year after year, our dedicated team of physicists, engineers and photographers continue to build upon the very same level of excellence we were founded upon. Together, we invest our knowledge and time into providing technology that makes your photos look stunning, automatically. Our work is firmly grounded in scientific process—designed with the mission to make your life easier, save you time, and guarantee beautiful images. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Athentech has team presence in San Francisco, Austin, New York, Moscow, India and Tokyo. Visit for more information.