New SeaLife products for underwater photography

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Sea Dragon 3000F Color Boost Photo Video Light

SeaLife has introduced a compact Sea Dragon 3000F Color Boost Photo-Video light. The light features a high-performance COB LED array, delivering 3000 lumens in a smooth 120-degree wide beam. The light offers a 90 CRI (color rendering index) that replicates natural sunlight (A CRI of 100 would be just like natural sunlight). With the addition of the newly patent pending SeaLife Color Boost™ mode, the light adds vivid colors to underwater photos and videos. The Sea Dragon 3000F is depth tested to 330 feet (100 meters).

The Sea Dragon 3000 powers on at 3000 lumens of white light at 5000k (Kelvin) color temperature. When the SeaLife Color Boost is activated, the color temperature warms to 3700k, replenishing lost red for a balanced and colorful effect. A large, knurled dial allows the user to quickly power on the light and smoothly adjust brightness from 300 to 3000 lumens without steps or sudden changes in light intensity. A simple push of the dial switches the light from white-only to Color Boost mode. The light also offers a red-only stealth mode, which uses two red LEDs used for night dives without scaring sea creatures sensitive to bright light. Sea Dragon 3000 Photo-Video Light with Color Boost will cost $499.95.

Lens Adapter for their SportDiver underwater Smartphone housing

SeaLife also introduced a $149.95 Lens Adapter for their SportDiver underwater Smartphone housing. 67mm and 52mm threaded lenses may be mounted to the SportDiver smartphone housing allowing the underwater photographer to expand their macro and wide-angle creativity.   The precision lens adapter, constructed with hard anodized machined aluminum and stainless-steel hardware, mounts directly to the SportDiver’s lens port for a secure, solid fit.   The adapter allows for easy horizontal and vertical lens movement adjustments to center the lens over the phone’s intended shooting lens.

The adapter comes threaded with a 67mm opening, for larger diameter lenses. A 52mm threaded ring is included for attaching smaller 52 mm lenses.   For other lenses, a step-down ring may be obtained through dive photo or photography shops.

SeaLife has also introduced a 52mm 4-element 0.7x wide angle lens that fits onto the Lens Adapter.


New 52mm Wide-Angle Dome Lens

SeaLife also introduced a new compact $349.95 Wide-Angle Dome Lens for the SportDiver underwater smartphone housing that increases the phone camera’s shooting angle by 43% and allows photographers to get up to 3x closer to the subject depending on which phone lens is selected.

The new lens works with SeaLife’s new SL081 Lens Adapter for the SportDiver housing, which can accommodate 67mm and 52mm lenses, the lens simply threads onto the lens mount. The 52mm WA Dome lens also fits onto underwater camera housings with a 52mm thread mount.

The Wide-Angle Dome Lens design uses high-grade optics arranged in a 4- element/4- group array that delivers crisp edge-to-edge sharpness. The internal elements are fully multi-coated optical glass. The dome lens is optical-grade polycarbonate with hard, anti-scratch coating. The lens has an approximate 13mm film-equivalent effective focal length when used with a phone’s standard wide-angle lens and is waterproof to 200ft/60m.

The “wet lens” design may be attached and removed underwater. The compact, low-profile Lens weighs 11.6 ounces (329 grams) and is negatively buoyant in water. A lanyard is included to secure the lens to the camera or housing, preventing loss underwater.

The rotatable light shade prevents unwanted glare from external lighting or sunlight as well as it protects the dome lens from bumps and abrasion.