ORBI launches waterproof second-generation 360° recording eyewear on Kickstarter

Nearly three years after the launch of ORBI Prime, the first 360​° ​recording eyewear on Indiegogo, ORBI made critical improvements and is launching the waterproof ORBI Marine

Berkeley, California​ – After revolutionizing 360° first-person video recording with the introduction of ORBI Prime three years ago, the ORBI team improved its product and launched ORBI Marine​ today on Kickstarter. Taking customer feedback, ORBI increased the functionality of the product and revamped the glasses, making them completely waterproof.

Understanding that water sport enthusiasts are often underserved by traditional adventure cameras because they lack the hands-free capabilities they require, ORBI Marine brings the same comfort and ease of use found in ORBI Prime, but waterproof, and can be controlled via smartwatch app. This functionality allows surfers, kiteboarders, skiers and snowboarders the ability to capture their adventures from a first-person perspective with ease.

“We know people want to share their most exciting activities and adventures with family and friends, and there’s no better perspective than eye-level,” said Iskander Rakhman, CEO of ORBI Inc. “ORBI Marine allows everyone to record and share memories made on land or water, from adventurous sports to everyday family activities.”

In addition to hands-free control and its waterproof design, ORBI Marine is lightweight and ergonomic, offering a full 360° range of recording in breathtaking 4K clarity. Proprietary three-level stabilization also ensures shake-free video, no matter the activity.

Another key improvement over previous generations is the smartwatch compatibility. This feature allows users to control recording on ORBI Marine with a quick touch in the smartwatch app. ORBI even functions without the touch on the smart watch. Launch “Surfing Mode” in the ORBI Apple Watch app and it will monitor for changes in speed, acceleration, elevation over sea level etc. When the data indicates a wave has been caught, the app directs the glasses to start recording. At the end of the ride, the glasses enter “sleep mode” until the next wave. That same data can also be used in editing videos together after the fact.

ORBI Marine’s new automated video editor powered by AI technology lets users focus on the adventure and not hours editing on a laptop. Turn ordinary trips into epic adventures and share them with ease. ORBI Marine’s built-in Wi-Fi also enables sharing video directly from the glasses to a nearby smartphone or laptop.

The camera lens on each ORBI Marine is 14,5mm in diameter with a 3,84mm image circle. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of standard recording time. A battery-save mode allows wearers to select a duration of up to four hours. Firmware then

toggles between sleep mode and recording sessions to capture content during long excursions or runs. ORBI Marine is available to pre-order starting at $249 by visiting pr.go2.fund/orbimarine​.

About ORBI Inc.

Founded in March 2016 and based in Berkeley, CA, ORBI specializes in developing innovative hardware and software that unlocks extraordinary new ways to capture and share life’s most cherished moments. The world of video recording is changing and people demand more from their realities. Leveraging the power of 360 ̊ video, ORBI is embedding four 1080p HD cameras into eyewear – the world’s first, first-person 360 ̊ video recording glasses. For more information, visit ​https://orbiprime.com